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The City of Lacombe News blog focuses on the many types of programs and services that the City provides to residents, and highlights the great work done by City staff.

As part of our on-going efforts to increase transparency and accountability to the public, we'll be sharing news about City events and projects, as well as information and stories about how the City is working to deliver on it's 2011 Strategic Areas of Action.

Our staff will write and post videos and images on this blog as a way to share local stories, highlight the organization and shed some light on City of Lacombe news items. We may also have guests post their thoughts to discuss what city issues are important to them.

As well, we invite you to have your say by reading and commenting on the postings in order to help us improve on our programs and service delivery.

Comments Policy

The City of Lacombe News Blog is a public forum. Comments are welcome and encouraged but will be reviewed before they are published. If a comment isn’t posted it’s because it doesn’t comply with our legal terms. If we have to edit a comment prior to posting it, we’ll make a note of that. We reserve the right to pull comments that infringe our legal framework.

Personal attacks or profane, racist, sexist, intolerant or off-topic remarks will not be published. And of course, no spam please.

We also take your privacy very seriously. Please feel free to email us at webmaster@lacombe.ca if you have any questions or concerns.

The City of Lacombe does not endorse, and is not liable or responsible for the content of any off-site pages referenced, availability of outside resources or for service delays resulting from unforeseen circumstances such as technical problems including server or connection issues.

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