Safety tips to ensure pool cleanliness

Accidents in public pools that involve diarrhea, poop, pee and vomit can lead to the transmission of serious waterborne illness. Water illnesses can occur when a swimmer swallows or otherwise comes in contact with water contaminated with germs.

Staff at the Kinsmen Aquatic Centre are committed to keeping the pool water clean and safe for all facility users. In the event of an accident, staff immediately take precautionary measures to decontaminate the water, and help reduce the risk to recreational facility users. 

The pool is shut down, and the affected area cleaned and treated with highly concentrated chlorine to kill any harmful bacteria. However, it takes time to raise chlorine levels to the required concentration, leave it to decontaminate for the required amount of time at that concentration to kill germs, and then lower the chlorine to a safe and comfortable level. Cleaning and disinfecting the water and equipment can take anywhere from 30 minutes to 24 hours.

We need your help to maintain the Kinsmen Aquatic Centre for everyone’s uninterrupted enjoyment! See below for some safety tips to ensure cleanliness and safety of the pools, so that everyone has a positive experience:

• Wait at least 45 minutes after eating to go swimming.
• Please do not swim if you have had diarrhea within the past two weeks. Do not allow kids to swim if they have had any previous illness or are not currently feeling well.
• Keep the pool water clean by showering with soap and water before entering the pool. Parents, please wash your children thoroughly with soap and water before swimming – especially their bottoms!
• Children who are potty-trained should take frequent bathroom breaks during swimming. Encourage them to go to the bathroom before lessons.
• Babies and children who are not potty-trained, and anyone who is incontinent must wear protective swimwear that is snug around the waist and legs.
• Parents are advised to check all diapers in the change room only, not on the pool deck close to the water. Please wash your hands after changing diapers or using the bathroom.
• While in the water, please DO NOT POOP OR PEE IN THE POOL!
• Please do not swallow the pool water, as this increases the risk of waterborne illnesses.


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