Mayor Steve Christie Bids Farewell

There are many things in one’s life that a person can look back on with a sense of pride and accomplishment. And there are events and achievements that change the course of one’s life. 

Moving to Lacombe in 1995 with our young family, Cheryl and I recognized a need to become involved in helping set a vision for the community that we were raising our children in. Since that time we have been involved in many capacities, and have experienced many rewards over the years. We have met some incredible people, building lasting friendships. We were able to apply our skills and influences while instilling a sense of community in our children, who continue to reside in Lacombe and raise our grandchildren.

With that in mind I want to thank my family for their support over the last 13 years during my time on Council, and especially over the last seven years while I served as your mayor.

The people of Lacombe have repeatedly shown me that great things can be accomplished when people work together; that adversity can be overcome when we band together to help each other and our community. 

I have been encouraged by the efforts our fellow Lacombians who came to each other’s aide helping friends and neighbours clean up after seasonal storms. It is commonplace to witness people out shovelling neighbour’s sidewalks, mowing their lawns, taking them out shopping or to attend appointments, or going for a coffee break with friends.  

I was proud to see our town grow into a city. Lacombe continues to grow, welcoming change, expansion, and improvements that will benefit the city for many years to come. We have embraced regional initiatives for the benefit of multiple communities through public transportation, sustainable wastewater management and land development. 

Our city has embraced inclusiveness and celebrates diversity. We have welcomed residents from across Canada and the world. Our festivals and celebrations are colorful, trendy, and vibrant with something for everyone; highlighting local artists and musicians, and reflecting the variety of peoples and cultures within our community and region.

Lacombe is quickly becoming a destination for “foodies” looking to experience delectable treats, and unique flavours, often prepared with fresh, locally grown and produced ingredients. More and more are looking to Lacombe’s quaint, chic boutiques and storefronts for extraordinary shopping experiences. 

We have expanded accommodation for visitors, and updated our facilities to promote the city as a prime host for sporting events, conferences, and festivals. Lacombe’s central location and amenities provide ample opportunities for organizations to host their corporate events.

To the citizens of Lacombe: I am deeply grateful for the privilege and opportunity of serving you as a member of Council, and I thank you again for the confidence and trust you placed in me.

My father always taught me to leave things in better shape than when I found them, and I feel that this has been accomplished along with my colleagues over the last four terms. 

I trust that our new Council will have the same enthusiasm and drive to continue building our city; exploring new opportunities for growth and development. While I will not be a part of the new Council team, I will continue be an active participant in the future of Lacombe, my beloved home. God Bless!

- Mayor Steve Christie


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