New Public Art for Lacombe Memorial Centre

The Red Deer College (RDC) art students held their annual art show this spring, and we fell in love with a ceramic collection created by Euphemia (Phemie) Mcleod. Phemie is a central Alberta senior, who after working at RDC for over 25 years, retired, and then returned as a student. While she was working at RDC, she happened to take an evening pottery course with a friend, and fell in love with the medium. Phemie had always said that when she retired, she wanted to become a student again, and ceramics opened the door for her. This fall Phemie will be attending RDC in her 4th year of ceramics studies. While she may be much older than many of the students, she is willing to share what she has learned be it failures or successes with her younger contemporaries when they ask. "That didn't work well for me when I tried it, but go ahead and try for yourself and see if it works better for you" are typical words of encouragement from Phemie.

Her exhibition this spring was titled "I Can't Find The Other One", a collection of 30 full size, color stained ceramic shoes and sandals. Her exhibition was recently purchased by the Lacombe Public Art Collection Committee for the Lacombe Memorial Centre (LMC), and will be altered at various times of the year. Our hope is that people will return to the LMC every three or four months to see "what's new with the shoes?" It is currently on display in the main foyer of the LMC.

- Maureen MacKenzie, 
Lacombe Public Art Collection Committee


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