SURVEY: Proposed 2017 Main Street Progect

The City of Lacombe is seeking your feedback until October 31, 2016, on proposed improvements in the downtown along Main Street (50 Avenue) from 53 Street to Highway 2A.

The sanitary sewer main in the downtown core is scheduled for replacement in 2017 due to its deteriorated condition. Understanding that construction is unavoidable, the City wants to ensure that once this work is completed, the downtown area will not be significantly impacted by additional construction for the foreseeable future.

To accomplish this goal, the long-term infrastructure needs for Main Street were determined by considering existing system capacity, future community growth, and recommendations outlined in existing adopted land use plans such as the Downtown Area Redevelopment Plan (DARP), the Transportation Master Plan, the Municipal Sustainability Plan, for improved streetscaping, parking and pedestrian safety.

A preliminary design report with number of proposed downtown design concept layouts has been developed, and the City is now seeking your feedback on the proposed plans. Please visit to provide your input.


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