2016 Speed Limit Survey

The City of Lacombe is conducting a community survey related to speed limits in residential areas and other streets within the community to gauge public opinion on the City’s current speed zones.

The City is seeking public input on speed limits in the following areas:
  1. Local Roads (aka 'residential streets')
  2. Highway 2A: 46th Avenue to Highway 12
  3. Intersection of Highway 12 and Highway 2A
  4. Highway 2A: Highway 12 to Heritage Way
  5. Highway 2A: Heritage Way to Woodland Drive
  6. Highway 2A: Woodland Drive to City Limit
  7. Highway 12: C&E Trail to Highway 2A
  8. Highway 12: Highway 2A to 45th Street
  9. Highway 12: 45th Street to Harrington Ridge (Road just west of 34th Street)
  10. Woodland Drive: Cranna Lake Drive to 50th Street (aka C&E Trail)
  11. Woodland Drive: 58th Street to Cranna Lake Drive
  12. University Drive: College Ave to PE Centre
  13. 45th Street: Highway 12 to South City Limit
  14. C&E Trail: College Avenue to 72nd Street
The survey invites public comment on vehicle speed limits on specific areas around Lacombe from the perspective of a motorist, a pedestrian or a cyclist. Further, the survey asks the respondent to give their input on the idea of combining school zones and playground zones into one consistent 'Community Safety Zone' - similar to a measure recently passed in the City of Red Deer.

Go to www.lacombe.ca/speedsurvey to take the survey. Printed copies of the speed survey are available for pick up at City Hall (5432-56 Avenue). The survey is open until October 7, 2016.


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