City approves Traffic Bylaw amendments to enhance road safety

No Parking’ signs are placed on streets at least 12 hours in advance of snow clearing operations.Vehicles that fail to move off of the signed street will be ticketed and towed to the nearest area not scheduled for snow clearing.

At their January 13, 2016, meeting, City Council approved two separate amendments to the City of Lacombe’s Traffic Bylaw #223: playground zone time changes for a portion of 54 Avenue; and changes to the fines related to the towing of illegally parked vehicles during street maintenance.

Last September, a portion of 54 Avenue – from 50 Street to 53 Street – was changed from a school zone to a playground zone resulting in a change in the start time for reduced speeds. The recently approved change to the Traffic Bylaw now means the effective time of the speed zone will now match the school zone start time of 8 a.m.

“The playground zone time change addresses a 30 minute gap between the times for the playground zone along 54 Avenue and the school zone along 50 Street,” said Mayor Steve Christie. “This problem was identified by residents during last fall’s Coffee with Council session.”

The change was also recommended by the Lacombe Traffic Safety Committee in response to conflicting times, as well as a need to increase the safety of residents accessing the Lacombe Spray Park and the nearby accessible playground.

“The playground zone change will expand speed enforcement by 30 minutes seven days a week, and will be enforced when observed, in the same manner as all other playground zone and school zones by police and peace officers,” said Chief Administrative Officer Norma MacQuarrie.

The second approved amendment to the Traffic Bylaw was to increase the fine when vehicles are towed during municipal snow removal operations. The increase is to offset the cost of towing.

“The change to illegal parking fines eliminates the need for separate invoicing to vehicle owners for towing,” said Corporate Services Director Michael Minchin. “Now, one municipal violation tag will be issued for each offence which reflects the cost of enforcement.”

This new fine is only applicable to the towing of vehicles related to snow or other road maintenance projects and where the vehicle is relocated to another street.


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