City of Lacombe enhances transparency with new quarterly reports

City Council recently passed a resolution to support the publication of the new ‘2015 Quarterly One Report: First Quarter, January 1 – March 31’ to reflect municipality’s progress on a quarterly basis, and to further boost the municipality’s accountability and transparency mandate.

“This is an enhanced communication tool, designed to update ratepayers and other stakeholders on the current status of programs and initiatives key to achieving the goals and objectives set out in the City's 2014-2017 Strategic Plan,” said Mayor Steve Christie.

“This new quarterly reporting mechanism is about being accountable to the public and providing progress reports on departmental strategies, objectives and accomplishments,” said Chief Administrative Officer Norma MacQuarrie. “The City is also exercising fiscal prudence by publishing the reports as downloadable and printable digital magazines (Flipbooks), which will be posted on the City website under the City Publications tab for public access.”

The content of the reports will change from quarter to quarter as new projects are started and others completed. They are not meant to be a complete description of the work performed by City staff during each quarter, as staff is also engaged in delivering core services. The reports are also designed to supplement the annual Year in Review report.

Go to to view the 2015 Quarterly One Report: First Quarter, January 1 – March 31.


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