Coffee with Council Works!

 The City of Lacombe makes every effort to reach out to the public in order to listen to their concerns and opinions regarding local governance matters. Of the many ways citizens can interact with their elected officials, the Coffee with Council sessions are most informal. 

Residents can attend these twice yearly events, enjoy a cup of coffee or two, and discuss their concerns and ideas with members of Council and senior staff. When people bring forward their concerns, we make sure to note them down for review and possible action. 

The Coffee with Council events work! For example, the City addressed a number of concerns as a direct result of public feedback at the last event held at the Active Living Fair last fall.  

They included a request to extend the 50 Avenue 30 km/hr zone by one block to the Outreach School. Council reviewed the speed zone this winter and the reduced speed zone extension has been implemented.

Gravel was requested for the alleys behind Cameron Manor and the Denike Block as they were in poor shape. Gravel and millings were brought to these locations to improve drainage in the alleys. The potholes were filled; however, there are currently no plans to pave the alleys.

There were many calls for a permanent off-leash area in Lacombe. The City has selected the site for the dog park, and development of the facility will begin this year. 

As well, there were a number of requests for a pedestrian crossing light at 54 Avenue and 58 Street, or a sidewalk on east side of 58 Street, from 54 Avenue to 52rd Avenue. The City is planning to install pedestrian lights at 58 Street and 56 Avenue in 2016.

The above examples demonstrate that the sessions work, and that City Council is committed to being responsive to citizens. Please join us at the next Coffee with Council session, being held on April 11 from 11:30 am – 2 pm at the Barnett Arena during the 2015 Lacombe Tradeshow. Come have your say! 


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