Council Meeting Highlights for September 22, 2014


Rikubetsu Delegation Meet Mayor and Council
Kelly Holyoak from the Lacombe & District Rikubetsu Friendship Society introduced Council to a student delegation from Rikubetsu, Japan. Rikubetsu town representative Tatsuya Shimada, Rikubetsu presented Mayor Christie with a floral print in thanks for the community’s friendship and hospitality.

Olds Institute (Community & Economic Development)
Mitch Thomson,
Executive Director for the Olds Institute for Community & Regional Development, provided  Council with a summary of the Institute's and its governance model towards community development and sustainability.

Council and Legislative

Use of City Crest

Council passed a resolution to adopt the proposed City of Lacombe Armorial bearings (Coat of Arms) Policy as presented. This new policy provides guidelines on the specific permitted uses of the City’s armorial bearings (coat of arms or crest).

Coffee with Council Report

Administration presented to Council as information a summary report of resident feedback from the 2014 Fall Coffee with Council session. Council then directed Administration to obtain costs to proceed with: (i) alley paving (Item 14/Infrastructure Services), and (ii) follow up with Wolf Creek School Division (Item 8/Infrastructure Services).

Council subsequently directed Administration to host the 2015 Spring Coffee with Council session at the 2015 Spring Trade Show and Lacombe Lifestyle Expo.

2014 AUMA Conference Resolutions
Council passed a resolution to accept for information the 2014 policy papers and resolutions to be discussed at the 2014 Annual AUMA Convention.

Planning and Development Services

Downtown Area Redevelopment Plan (DARP) Implementation
Council passed a resolution to adopt the DARP Implementation Plan – amended to include a potential downtown hotel site – to guide activities relating to the DARP for the 2014/15 year.
Council also resolved to consider the budget requests linked to the DARP Implementation Plan as part of the overall budget considerations for 2015

Financial Services

Municipal Internship Program for Financial Intern
Council passed a resolution to provide support for the submission of an application to the Municipal Internship Program for a Finance Intern through the Regional Collaboration Program This support is based on the understanding that the application may be withdrawn pending upcoming budget decisions.

2015 Budget Presentations

Council invited outside agencies to present their 2015 budgets at an upcoming public Council meeting. The agencies include: Rikubetsu Friendship Society; Lacombe & District Chamber of Commerce; Lacombe Days Committee; Lacombe Historical Society; Lacombe Regional Tourism & Marketing Association; and Parkland Regional Library. These agencies will make presentations in addition to the four core internal agencies (Lacombe Police Commission, Lacombe FCSS, Mary C Moore Library, and Lacombe Regional Waste Services Commission).


 2015 Electrical Franchise Fee Rate
Council passed a resolution to set the 2015 Electrical Franchise Fee for the City of Lacombe at the current rate of 6.2 percent of total revenues derived from Fortis Alberta’s delivery tariff for electricity delivered within the city of Lacombe.

Council and Administration reports were received as information.

Council moved In Camera to discuss land and legal matters.

Council moved back into public meeting.


Motion out of Camera

Land Matter
Council passed a resolution to require the standard development agreement be executed for a particular land development, with full security required, and the installation of curb and gutter prior to issuance of building/development permits, with an amendment to section 35 b that no concrete sidewalks be required.

*The next scheduled Council Committee Meeting is on October 6, 2014 at 5 p.m.
*The next scheduled Regular Council Meeting is on October 14, 2014 at 5 p.m.
*The next scheduled Regular Council Meeting is on October 27, 2014, at 5 p.m.


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