St. Andrew’s United Church to be Lacombe’s first Municipal Heritage Resource

St. Andrew’s United Church in Lacombe.
The City of Lacombe is pleased to announce that St. Andrew’s United Church is the first building to be designated as a Municipal Heritage Resource under the City’s Heritage Management Plan.

“The Heritage Management Plan establishes the process for undertaking the designation and preservation of heritage buildings and properties,” said Councillor Peter Bouwsema, who serves on the Heritage Resources Committee. “It also provides information on available federal, provincial, and municipal financial incentives, and the application process for the alteration of Municipal Historic Resources.”

“Once a building or site is designated as a Municipal Historic Resource, that building or site will be preserved and protected,” said City Planner Jennifer Kirchner. “The key character defining elements of the designated building are to be protected, and any alterations must be approved by the Heritage Resources Committee through a formal application process.”

St. Andrew’s United Church is located at 5226-51 Street in downtown Lacombe. The building was built in 1908-1909 on the corner of 53 Street and 51 Avenue. Designed in the Gothic Revival-style, this red brick church is an example of Lacombe’s high quality architecture. The church originally served the Presbyterian community of Lacombe. In 1922, upon the merger of the Methodist and Presbyterian congregations, it became the home of the newly formed United Church.

Council has also adopted a Heritage Bylaw to facilitate the implementation of the Heritage Management Plan, which supports the conservation and celebration of Lacombe’s built heritage. The Heritage Bylaw addresses the following:

  • Establishes the Heritage Resources Committee as a Committee of Council.
  • Establishes the Committee’s Terms of Reference
  • Creates a Heritage Resources Fund which will be used to support heritage conservation and to implement the Heritage Management Plan.
  • Create a grant program which will support conservation and preservation of Municipal Historic Resources. The Committee will be authorized to award grants to Municipal Historic Resources on behalf of Council.
A designation ceremony will be held at 10:30 a.m. on September 28, 2014, at St. Andrew’s United Church to officially mark its designation as a Municipal Heritage Resource.


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