Lacombe Fairview Cemetery Master Plan Approved

Lacombe City Council has passed a resolution to approve the Fairview Cemetery Expansion Master Plan, which was developed by consulting firm LEES + Associates: Landscape Architects and Planners, based on projected service needs and a comprehensive community consultation process.

“The master plan design is projected to meet the interment and commemoration needs for City and County residents for 75 years,” said Mayor Steve Christie. “Council is ensuring that all future construction efforts are complementary to the plan’s design and function, resulting in a cohesive community facility when it’s completed.”

Highlights of the Fairview Cemetery Expansion Master Plan include:

  • Multiple uses within the property (contemplative sites, trails, parkland)
  • Optimized use of Fairview West (reclamation of internal roadways)
  • Delayed decommissioning of sports fields
  • Field of Honour Enhancements
  • Incorporation of local history
  • Reduced maintenance requirements
  • Consideration for residents living adjacent to the cemetery
  • Detailed description of phasing requirements (page 6 of Master Plan)

· Where able, quotes for services and products to be installed in the cemetery are locally sourced and suited to local climate conditions.

“The master plan design provides the basic structures upon which these enhancements will be added,” said Chief Administrative Officer Norma MacQuarrie. “The projects will be implemented in future years, and will include financial contributions from the City, funding partners, citizens and community service groups.”

Council also approved the changes to the Burials Policy 56/171.0.2 (12), which allows additional urns to be placed in an occupied plot, thereby allowing more family members to be buried together in a family plot, and the Plots & Niches Policy 56/171.01(10PO), which allows for the placement of one single or two double depth caskets in a single burial plot.

A third area of review included revised cemetery fees, which have not been adjusted since 2006. The new fee schedule establishes rates based on the average of similar communities, placing Lacombe in the mid range alongside comparable communities. The revised fee schedule will be effective September 1, 2014.

Phase One of the cemetery expansion project is set for construction in 2015. For more information, and to access the Fairview Cemetery Expansion Master Plan, go to:


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