Council Meeting Highlights for August 11, 2014

Planning & Development Services

Bylaw 300.88 – (Shepherd Heights)

Council gave second reading to Bylaw 300.88 – a bylaw to amend Land Use Bylaw 300 by redistricting part of NE 25-40-27 W4 in Shepherd Heights from Future Designation (FD) to Residential Medium Lot Single Detached Dwellings (R1b), Residential Smaller Lot Single Detached Dwellings (R1c), General Residential (R2), and Public and Institutional Use (P) – as amended.

Bylaw 300.89 (Cluster Signs Within Public and Institutional (P))
Council gave second and third reading to Bylaw 300.89 as presented. (Cluster Signs within Public and Institutional (P)).

Recreation, Parks & Culture Services

Kinsmen Aquatic Centre/ Barnett Arena Project

Council defeated a resolution to proceed with Option 2 for the Barnett Arena/Kinsmen Pool project, accompanied by the five conditions as presented.

Recorded Vote:

Mayor Christie
Councillor Rempel
Councillor Bouwsema
Councillor Konnik
Councillor Armishaw
Councillor Harder
Councillor McQuesten

Council also instructed Administration to enter into formal discussions with Lacombe County and surrounding communities regarding the feasibility of building a joint recreation facility, and to delay any decision on the facility until the results of these discussions are complete. Council then passed a resolution to delay the Barnett Arena Option 1 renovations for three months pending the outcome of discussions with Lacombe County and neighboring communities regarding the possibility of a joint recreation facility.

Financial Services

Property Tax Forgiveness (Fire)
Council passed a resolution to approve the cancellation of property tax for Roll 194 018084350 in the amount of $1,258.04; and Roll 194 018084340 in the amount of $1,347.91 for a total of $2,604.95, as recommended.

Council and Administration reports were received as information.

Council went In-Camera to discuss three land matters.

Council returned to Open Meeting.

*The next scheduled Regular Council Meeting is on August 25, 2014 at 5 p.m.
*The next scheduled Regular Council Meeting is on September 8, 2014 at 5 p.m.
*The next scheduled Regular Council Meeting is on September 22, 2014 at 5 p.m.


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