2014 Lacombe Municipal Census results show stable growth

The City of Lacombe’s official total population is 12, 728, according to the 2014 Municipal Census, which was conducted between April 7 and June 30.

“We are thrilled with the level of participation and co-operation from our residents in this year’s census,” said Mayor Steve Christie. “The results indicate that Lacombe is experiencing stable growth, and the data collected will allow us to plan for the future more effectively.”

Residents were able to participate in the 2014 Census in three ways; online, over the phone, or in-person. Notices with secure PIN numbers were mailed to residents in early April, so that they could respond online from the comfort of their homes. They also had the option of phoning in their information. Those who were unable to complete the census online received visits from enumerators. Of the 95 percent of residents who responded to the census, over 30 percent completed the questionnaire online.

The City of Lacombe receives annual grant funding from the provincial and federal governments based on population numbers, and an accurate count allows the municipality to maximize on grant dollars received. In addition to grants from other levels of government, municipal decisions regarding future infrastructure needs and facilities are based in part on population growth statistics collected in the municipal census.

“I am pleased with the great response from residents –especially online – as this was the inaugural year for this method of data collection,” said Chief Administrative Officer Norma MacQuarrie. “I also would like to thank our enumerators for their commitment to an accurate and complete census.”

The cost of conducting the 2014 Municipal Census was approximately $38,000 and the City will realize a net annual impact of $255,188 in additional provincial and federal grant funds. Complete census findings will be posted online at www.lacombe.ca in the coming weeks.


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