New Community Economic Development Plan for Lacombe

City Council has passed a resolution to endorse the new Community Economic Development (CED) Plan, (scroll to page 73) the development of which has taken place over the past several weeks, and includes the selection of an Olds Institute-type organization model to support CED efforts, as well as the presentation and discussion of a number of possible objectives, strategies and actions to be integrated into the plan.

“There is real vision and empowerment in the new CED Plan in that it encourages innovation and growth thorough collaboration,” said Mayor Steve Christie. “It is clear that the City cannot bring about change in isolation: we need to mobilize our citizens and stakeholders, including key private, public and non-profit sectors of the economy towards a set of common goals. This is a chance for everyone to get involved and help chart the course for Lacombe.”

The new CED vision seeks to improve the quality of life within Lacombe by fostering a collaborative environment focused on cultivating innovation, nurturing a business friendly culture, promoting sustainable growth and creating a safe, inclusive, vibrant and healthy community.

“I am genuinely excited by the opportunities forwarded within this plan,” said Community and Economic Development Manager Guy Lapointe. “Its primary focus is on improving the quality of life for our residents and encouraging their participation in the CED process. It’s all hands on-deck approach is designed to move the community forward.”

To achieve the broad goals of the CED plan, a new organization similar in structure to the Olds Institute for Community and Regional Development will be nurtured to promote balanced community growth.

This new organization will be much more fluid and dynamic, allowing for a better match of skills with the task at hand. This flexibility of approach will be a key in attracting participation from a broad range of stakeholders throughout the community.

New grants may be secured that are not available to municipalities and innovative concepts like a Community Economic Development Investment Fund and a business incubation model will be better received as projects spearheaded by the community, as opposed to a municipal-led initiative.

In the coming months, a more detailed implementation plan will be developed to grow the new CED support organization, along with priority City led initiatives for the upcoming year. For more information about the CED Plan, please contact Guy Lapointe at (403)782-1263 or


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