Lacombe off-leash dog park to close due to construction

At their regular meeting on May 12th, City Council directed administration to close the Michener Park off-leash dog park due to construction till further notice. The off-leash area will be closed to the public effective May 20, 2014.

“Council decided to close the dog park as the rezoning of land for the hotel has significantly reduced the size of the existing off-leash area, and upcoming construction at the site has raised public safety concerns,” said Mayor Steve Christie. “We also looked at other locations around the city, however each presented its own deficiencies, and it was deemed not advisable to relocate the park at this time.”

“The City is undertaking a review of all green spaces within Lacombe to determine the best use of these parcels based on the information in the Recreation and Culture Master Plan,” said Community Services Director Brenda Vaughan. “A part of this process involves community consultation as to the use of these spaces, and an enhanced off-leash dog park has been identified by residents as being on the priority list of future infrastructure projects.”

The green spaces review is part of the City’s Recreation and Culture Master Plan, which was developed in part through broad-based public engagement to guide decision making with regards to future recreation and parks facilities provided by the municipality.

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