Lacombe municipal green spaces review to identify future dog

After reviewing a summary of resident feedback around the removal of the Michener Park off-leash area, City Council last night directed administration to develop a permanent off-leash dog park based on recommendations from the upcoming optimization of municipal green spaces project.

“Council as a whole is aware and appreciates resident concerns, however, the upcoming review of all green spaces in Lacombe – within the context of the Recreation and Culture Master Plan – will allow the City to plan and prepare for a permanent off-leash area,” said Mayor Steve Christie. “We look forward to providing a well thought-out and properly designed space for dog lovers in our community.”

“We will incorporate the feedback received to date into our planning processes for the future site,” said Community Services Director Brenda Vaughan. “We also remind citizens that there will be additional opportunities to provide input into the park relocation project.”

The green spaces review will commence in late June 2014. A part of this process involves community consultation as to the use of these spaces, and an enhanced off-leash dog park has been identified by residents as being on the priority list of future infrastructure projects.

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