Blue Box recycling program now accepts glass and plastic grocery bags

Great job Lacombe! Through your efforts, so far we have recycled approximately 40 tonnes of recyclables through the recently begun residential Blue Box residential recycling program. 

We apologize for the few hiccups that occurred in the first couple weeks of the program. We're working hard to get things running smoothly. As well, we have heard your concerns, and we are going to expand the materials accepted in the program. 

We're excited to announce that from now on, you can put glass and plastic grocery bags in your blue box! Just clean off bits of food and other residue before recycling your containers, and it’s okay to leave the labels on glass jars.

Using your blue box will allow you to cut your garbage in half. If you have any questions or concerns about the recycling program, visit, or call (403) 782-1261.


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