Residential Recycling begins in Lacombe

Lacombe residents are now able to recycle more conveniently with the introduction of Blue Box residential recycling.

“I am proud to say that the City of Lacombe is taking important steps to ensure the long-term environmental sustainability of our beautiful, growing city,” said Mayor Steve Christie.  

Collection service is being provided by the City's third-party recycling service provider Can Pak, which began collecting recyclables on April 15, 2014.

Residents who receive front street pickup are asked to place their blue box in the same location as they place their black garbage cart for collection. Those who use back alley dumpsters are asked to place the blue boxes at the back entrances of their properties. All boxes must be set out before 7 a.m. on collection day.

“If residents have more recyclables than they can fit in their boxes for pickup, they are welcome to set out the overflow beside their blue box, in another blue box, in blue or clear plastic bags, or use the Wolf Creek Recycle Site,  Any recyclable material placed in black bags will be treated as garbage.” said Utilities Manager Chris Huston.

On average, more than half of what people place in their black carts is recyclable.  To help residents learn about what can now be recycled, a comprehensive list of acceptable and unacceptable recycling materials, along with a collection calendar will be delivered with each blue box.

For 2014, a monthly fee of $3.42 will be added to homeowners’ utility bills once the recycling service begins. Lacombe’s recycling program is among the most affordable programs of its kind in the province. 

To find out more about what you can and cannot recycle, please refer to the brochure below of go to


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