New additions to BirthPlace Forest

Bella Rose Hebert (left) and Cole Alexander Elliot (right) 'help' their moms plant a tree.

Mayor Steve Christie joined local moms Melissa Hebert and Christine Elliot at the BirthPlace Forest on Woodlands Drive on June 15 to plant trees commemorating the births of their children Bella Rose Hebert and Cole Alexander Elliot.

"One of my closest friends gifted us a tree when Cole was born to honour his birth." said Christine Elliot. "So this is very special for me."

"I feel like it's setting down roots in Lacombe," added Melissa Hebert. "A part of Bella will always be here even if she moves away, because this tree was planted in her name."

Mayor Christie thanked the families for contributing to the Birthplace Forest Program, and encouraged everyone to come out and enjoy the forest as much as possible.

"I often enjoy walking through here with my eldest granddaughter," he said. "I know that this forest is something that everyone in Lacombe will enjoy visiting for years to come."

Altogether, five new trees were planted in the forest to honour both the new additions to local families and the environment. As well, the children's names were engraved on a permanently installed commemorative plaque. The five include Grace Lawrence-Ross and Eric Allen Wagner, who were born in 2009, and Bella Rose Hebert, Wyatt Daniel Oehlerking and Cole Alexander Elliot, who were born in 2010.

City of Lacombe initiated the BirthPlace Forest Program in 2007, which is seeing the transformation of a portion of Lincoln Park on Woodlands Drive into a commemorative urban forest.

The program, managed by the Parks Department. selects and plants a variety of trees every year. Along with celebrating the birth of your child, these trees help meet Lacombe’s urban forest objectives - to help remove pollutants from our air and beautify our city for years to come.

To participate in the BirthPlace Forest Program or for more information, please contact City Hall at (403) 782-6666.


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